vacant man

The first day we departed West to East in Marks car was filled with excitement. Mark turned into the overgrown highway exit for a break in the late afternoon. Down the road there looked to be an abandoned lot. We walked around the erie decrepit buildings, climbed to the top of a silo to look at the view. Suddenly a man appeared out of one of the broken down scrapped vans. We exchanged a brief hello as we walked off. I took this picture, and we decided to continue on our way. As we rolled forward towards the road, we saw the man was standing blocking the exit - staring at us. Mark slowly moved the car forward, looked at me then slowly creaked down his automatic window. 

"Heres $10, please don't tell anyone you ever saw me"

The man was almost pleading with us as if with some urgency. His hood over his head with hunched over posture. Confused about his tone and actions, we assured the shaky looking vacant man to keep him calm. We drove away intrigued about his story, trying to test out theories on why he lives in the shadows.